Thursday, November 24, 2011

what is a "cash baby"?

What is this, a joke? No, its real. Due to the insanity that is the insurance industry, more couples are finding out the hard way that having a baby with private maternity insurance is too expensive, so why not pay cash! this blog will document the ins and outs of paying cash for the delivery of a baby.

we were unable to find a good resource online that had everything laid out so that we would not have to learn the hardd way how to work the system. Now others will be able to benefit from our experiences with the doctors and hosptials that are supposedly there to help you.

It used to be all you needed was "two to tango" and 9 months later you get a baby. The new reality is that you need to have a third person to help you, and that is your insurance broker. No worries, the intimacy remains intact, but the dollars and cents of this baby will be different than any baby you had under your "traditional insurance"

We will cover the following:
- How to negotiate with the hospital
- Questions to ask your insurance agent
- Training your OB/GYN to bill correctly
- Setting up payment plans
- Budgeting Properly
- What to do if you go into labor and are sent home because contractions stopped
- What Prostaglandin can and cannot do for you
- How much is an ultrasound, really?

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